Why I cannot be a socialist

As things are right now in France
When I talked to Americans I could feel they was a huge and deep need for a change and the problem is that only Barack Obama represented a change.
I think that voting for him has been like what we call a “forward runaway”. No matter where you run away as long as you do it forward.
the problem is that the only option open to the US has been one I know to be bad because I see the results of it right now in my country and it is bad.
I was shocked a few days ago to read again the Human rights and to realize that socialism in France trample them in the name of…of…of what?
The only thing that could be above Human rights would be God’s laws the problem is that to be a good socialist you also have to be a good atheist.
so there is nothing above human rights but their own little comfort which is pretty much synonyms of tantrums and head buried in sands to the point of going against any moral code.
Teachers in my city have not declared who is on strike and who is not claiming that it was up to the University to figure it out.
My only concern about it is that it is illegal according to our laws.
How can they morally justify this? I know what they are going to say.
They are going to talk about the future and how they are fighting for a better quality of future…as they have for the past 30 years and if this is the best they could have come up with I must say that they are pretty much up to no good.
History will prove me right but I will long be dead by then.
At least this will be a testimony that I will not have taken any part in this.

Socialism IS A GOOD THING. The problem is that we are not mature enough for it yet. And socialism in our western societies is bound to become anarchy at one point or another.

Talking about something funny.
Last Tuesday I had my Aïkido class as usually.
I had warned the teacher that I have very “flexible” arms and wrists.
I guess he did not believe me.
He tried on me the technic he was teaching us to show my opponent how to do it…
Guess what happened.
Of course it failed.
I did not hurt because I have a very flexible upper body.
The teacher just could not believe it.
At the end of the class he showed a different way to do what he had taught us just in case we would encounter someone like me.

Last week the opponent I was practicing with would tell me to slap the floor with my hand to say “stop” when it hurts.
He thought I did not know or he was doing it wrong.
He was doing it just fine. The problem was not him. LOL
At least I have kept this from when I was 15. I am still good at bending my wrist or twisting my arms 🙂

I don’t know where this Limbaugh guy comes from but he sounds to me like an idiot. I could change my mind but he sounds to me like someone who has not understood what it means to stay together in difficult times.
Somtimes I wonder if socially our president and Obama have more in common than it looks like at first. They both have to face people who definitely have their own definition of the word “patriotism”.
If Segolène Royal had won in France (thank you God for sparing us this fate) I would have supported her because she would have been our president…and because she would have been her own stumbling block already and would not have needed me against her LOL

1 thought on “Why I cannot be a socialist

  1. I agree with you on the socialism issue, I think it can be a good thing, but we, as human beings, will never in this life be able to handle it in its purest form. Only our Savior or Father in HEaven can handle it.

    My hope with our country is that if we really start heading in that way with this president, that our citizens will recognize it and oust him. It can be done, of course there has to be a majority vote in the senate, and they’re pretty much supporting him right now.
    I support him too, as our president. I pray for him, and hope he will be able to help this country. I may not have voted for him, but he IS our president, so I’m rooting for him now. :o)

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