I was wrong

About yesterday’s post.
It was a 911 call from her husband.
He is applying a band aid on a open wound.

One of her condition to come back was that they would go to seek help. He went once and is dodging it every time now.

They got into a big fight and she has felt suicidal.

I wanted to cry all day long and I am afraid it is going to last.
What is so hard in love that a man cannot love his wife more than anything else?
What is so hard that in this case this man cannot live his wife more than his father? this is insane, it is not even between his wife and his mother but between his wife and his father.
His brother is not like that and neither is his sister.
I am angry because I love this man like a brother. I owe him big time and there is nothing that I can do for him. He has been given everything to understand how much of an emergency this is and still he won’t do what he knows he needs to be doing.
Don’t picture him a proud and big man.
He is rather short, he’s got blue eyes and is very meek and humble about any gospel topic. He is one of the best bishop I have ever had.
But he just won’t do what it takes to save his marriage.
He saw him crying. He asked us to pray for his wife. We did. But what now? She is back and he is driving her close to suicide.
I am going to fast for him next week end. I really want to cry. This is a waste and it is a sad, sad story.

2 thoughts on “I was wrong

  1. I am going to fast for them and specially him this Sunday. The sad story is that SHE IS suffering but it will stop eventually. As for him he thinks that this is a hard time of his life and does not realizes that he is preparing ahead. for himself years of pain and cry.

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