Kind of funny

Among the new families in the ward there is one sister that I have talked about and that I am going to talk about again.
I really like M-E.
As I told you I have known her since we were children but I was more friend with her brother than with her.
Last Sunday the wife of my previous bishop was not at church and of course…nobody dared to ask her husband why.
Nobody wanted to hear and kind of fake excuse.
M-E came to talk to me about her. She was really concerned about her and the fact that she was not here today (as I was). We talked a lot about how it must be horrible for this poor sister to try to go on, overcome all the things she needs to overcome knowing that everybody in the ward knows everything and everybody is like looking at them with a magnifier. even if it is out of love. I would hate that.
I need to tell you about M-E background for you to understand a poor little sentence she said.
M-E’s father was in the bishopric and a wonderful brother…until he cheated on his wife really badly.
His wife said that trust was destroyed and they got a divorce. this brother’s life went worse and worse if I recall properly. M-E is still sensitive on the subject of faithfulness.
This is why she is surprised by the fact that she “understands” my previous bishop’s wife and what she did.
This show how much nobody, even with the deepest pain about it, is able to blame her for what she did. Because she did not do it because she was “unfaithful”. She was unfaithful because she was hurting and it was this or committing suicide. and nobody can blame her for choosing the solution that could still be mend.
I really worried for her yesterday and I included her in my prayers again.

This morning I got a phone call that woke me up from her husband. He asked me if I could go to his house while he was at work because his wife was sick and kind of low. she was going to go see the dodctor tomorrow but she needed some help both physically and emotionnaly today until he would come back from work.
As you can guess I feared it was some kind of excuse and feared he needed help with his wife. I accepted. Got dressed real quick. Packed a bag with some fun stuff. Left real quick. Got there as fast as my legs could carry me. Stopped by a grocery store to buy some fun things to eat And I got there…
She was really sick and of course really low. It was really nothing more :p:p:p

But at least I was here to help her, to pamper her a little and to help the kids with their homework.

Don’t call 911. It was a match not a fire!

2 thoughts on “Kind of funny

  1. Well, I’m glad it wasn’t a fire you had to put out. it was good of you to be willing and able to serve in any instance.

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