Please, let him be him

All riiiiiight.
I was browsing my “dating” sites because I was too bored and too lazy to study my scriptures and I was about to log off when I went on the first page…..

Nooooo, not the man of my dreams. It is even better than that.

I think I have found one of my first ward mission leader on there. I am 95% sure it is him.
I enjoyed talking with him so much when I was in Tucson.
Of course, the idiot I am forgot his name and had not asked him for his address.

I have often been thinking about him over the years and I thought about him a weeks ago as one of the many faces of my many regrets from my mission.

I swear that if it is him I will kiss my wi-fi routeur.

I sooooooooooo wanted to know more about him not in a romantic way. I just wanted to have a friend like him.
Please, please, please Father make him answer to me and make him want to give me his email address and make him be as cool and fun as I thought he was and let him be my friend as I wished it on my mission.
Yes, Father, I am begging you for a friend. Now this is funny.