losing a job?

Well, if you remember what happened at the beginning of the year you may understand that I want to comment again about it. Yesterday the company that hires the moron I got to write a letter about announced 1200 jobs that will be lost. I hope for him that he is not going to lose his job but if he dos I guess he will remember to be nice.

I am taking pills for my lack of iron in the blood and maybe I need to acknowledge that I am not doing so good with such a low level of iron after all. I have been taking them for about a month and I must say that I feel great.
So….I need iron, I need magnesium and calcium. How do I manage to need so many minerals?

I have found on the net the Qran that I was advised to read to have a good vision of what this book is about, the problem is that it is sold out. NICE! I don’t want to read some crappy translation. I need to call back the great Mosque of Paris to ask them if they’d have some copies because if they don’t have it on Amazon I doubt they’ll have it in any library.

Anyway the sun is shining and soon it will be Easter which means that soon I’ll go to Nice and see my family. I am so eager to see them again. Eÿnora has been chatting with Tristan who is 2 years younger than her and she really enjoyed it. Now she wants to meet him for real. My aunt told me he is tall and when I see pics of them I can picture it easily. The only time I saw him he was like 7 years old I think and he was a brat. Even my other aunt did not want to have him and his brother in her home anymore. Now he sounds like a very soft, sensitive, sensible and shy teenager. Crazy what hormones do to you!

And being half Lebanese her eyes are not truly blue!!! But I like this picture anyway.

3 thoughts on “losing a job?

  1. I love that picture. I hope to look that fabulous when I reach her age.
    I hope they get a copy of the Qran in soon for you to read. I’m interested in hearing your opinion on it. I’ve never read it myself. I’m lucky just to make it through the BofM each year! LOL
    I seriously need to increase my vitamin intake. Perhaps it would give me more energy. :o)

  2. And I forgot to say that the young women with her is my cousin.
    I also want to discuss it with an educated imam (there are plenty of ignorant and dangerous imam out there). Fortunately I also have a real muslim friend I can talk with about it.

  3. I’m glad you have a friend with whom you can discuss it. There really are extremes and everywhere between them in every religion – and it helps to talk with someone who is not at either extreme.

    Great picture, btw.

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