Just waiting

Life is good, there is nothing much to say about it.

Aïkido lessons have been canceled for this week so I won’t get to see if I can improve before next week and it sucks. I was so happy to have found a club that would take me now.
The story about this club is that the teacher left mast December without any notice. Most of the students have left. they found another teacher and the students wanted to come back but since they had registered in another club for the year and since this new teacher is a good guy he did not want to take away the students from the other club. So he said to the formers students that they could come on the days they were not supposed to go to the other club. The problem is that sometimes there are not enough students for a class.
One of my friend is considering joining this club also because he has been looking for one with decent schedule and most don’t have it. So if he comes it will be another student which will probably help a lot.

My sister and I are doing GREAT on our food storage plan. I have done an .xls plan of our food storage that we can update every time something changes. I should take a picture of it. I also fixed a little shelf in the closet where we stock our food. I mean anybody would laugh at my little shelf but I am proud of it because I drilled perfect holes to fix it. I know it is nothing to set a goal in but my mother really does not need a man to fix a house and I just wish I were as good as she is. She is short and really does not look like a threat to any construction worker but when she starts a work she gets respect from professionals. Once a carpenter said that he could not have done a better job.
But I am not my mom and I am proud of two holes.

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