Evil yucky Muslims

I think I am going to start really study the scriptures and all that the prophets have said (because I remember J. Smith saying something about it) to slam the elders with concerning the Muslims.

A few years ago a Muslim woman got baptized and as you can guess she is having a hard time. she goes back and forth. She bore her testimony once and I know she has a strong one but it is really hard ti cut off from the religion of your ancestors.
Well… a few months ago the elders told her that Mohammad had been visited by Satan and that Islam was evil.
The last time I saw her in the street she was wearing a veil (that she was not previously wearing)!!!!!!

Yesterday the elders that something during the meeting about Islam which was about the same idea as what the other elders had said. I told them not to say that. We got into a little controlled fight about it. they said that JOSEPH SMITH had actually said it. Which makes me laugh because I know that his feelings were very tender towards our Muslims brothers and sisters. So I told them “ok, you show me it”.
And the elder looked, and looked, and looked in the scriptures. I know he was looking for the scripture about making a difference between an angel of God and an evil Spirit who pretends to be sent by God. The problem is that I think that the more he looked for it the more he understood what I meant.

It is called humility and love.

First I want to say that I have not read the Qran but that I really want to read a good translation of it because I want to say that I am able to speak from first hand.
Second their only point was that they had talked with MANY Muslims.
Yeah…like many people have talked with many retards in Utah until they meat a real LDS.
I have talked with real Muslims and they are what they pretend to be: submissive to the will of God and try to be humble.

What I find very interesting is that we don’t believe the same things at all. Many of our believes are opposite actually. But when you see faithful and educated Muslims dealing with people, dealing with their family and when you talk to them about how they envision society should be well they sound just like good LDS.

I don’t care what morons believe.

I know God loves all His children and would provide anything He could taking any form for us to be happy, progress and eventually coming back to Him having made the best out of our potential.

And I am sorry if I sound crazy (like I really care actually LOL) but I believe that Mohammad WAS INSPIRED. To which extend is what I want to find out by reading the Qran.