Thank you but…

I have to tell about last week and about yesterday.
So the test was last Tuesday, therefore I spent all Monday preparing for the trip to Lyon.
I can’t tell exactly all that happened but it seemed that every time I felt like making a “smart choice” I soft feeling would tell me not to. I really felt like I was taken care of.
then on the big day I woke up very early (probably due to the stress but maybe not just that) and I was able to leave as early as I wanted to in the best situation.
this made me arrive in Lyon 2 hours before my test when I needed really only half an hour according to internet to get to the place where I was supposed to take the test.
And guess what…
I took me an hour and a half because internet was wrong.
I arrived about 20 minutes before the test which was plenty of time to calm down and focus on what I was doing there.

This really makes me feel like I have been watched over.
The problem is that I know what I wrote and this is where the miracle needs to take place.
Of course I want to pass but I know I did bad and for me to pass would take all the others to be worse than me (or at least most of them, I don’t need ALL of them to fail) and according to what I wrote I am not sure I want them to have done worse than me. It is only a matter of pure charity. If they ask for their copy after the test they will feel really low when seeing what they wrote if God made it possible for me to have done better than them despite my poor paper. Do I want to pass at the cost of them feeling low?
Do I want to pass?
Do I want them to feel low?

Anyway back to a more fun subject: AÏkido!!!!!

I have found a club who will be fine with me starting now and it is not expensive. It is a kind of far from where I live BUT the class ending not too late I will be home at a descent hour.
I am to meet the teacher tomorrow and to attend a class just to see how I feel. I am fine, I have practiced Aïkido a little when I was younger (but I had to stop after three months) and I already know about it, I know this is what I like and what suits me the best. So now I need to buy a “gi” and I need to go do this today when my sister is back from down town.

I feel blessed and I know I am being a child but I need to know whether these are signs that “all is well” or these are just blessings like little gifts to make me wait until something better shows up.

2 thoughts on “Thank you but…

  1. So, when do you get to find out how you did?

    I understand that you don’t want the other people to feel bad about failing. Also, if you think you did so horribly, to have other people do worse–I guess that wouldn’t be great either, then this would mean what? That the schools wouldn’t be getting the best teachers? Of course, I think that tests sometimes aren’t the best guage of a persons knowledge and intelligence anyway. Some people who are very intelligent, do poorly on tests.
    Anyway, I hope you’ll have your answer soon.

  2. It is so cool that the Spirit would prompt you to be able to make it there on time. Sometimes it really is the “little things” that are “big things” and prove to us just how much He loves and knows us.

    I hope you did fine. Keep us posted.

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