On the whole

It was a hard week but I must say that for my test I have been under the heavy impression that I was both protected and taken care of.
I won’t list all that happened but the feeling was soft and strong which disturbs me even more because I can honestly tell that I did bad on my test.
But I felt all along that I was not alone.

I am still thinking about this nightmare I had. I really have the feeling that this is where lies the answer to all my failures to the CAPES but I don’t have the power to change it and the CAPES is not the problem, the problem is succeeding in anything.

I have all the answers now but I don’t have the solutions and it is even more frustrating.

Anyway, I have decided that I will not use the money from the tax called “employment prime” to travel again (unless I have passed the CAPES of course). I badly need a new fridge and I think I should buy one instead. I will have a little money left and I intend to start Aïkido lessons. My little sister is doing it with her university and this is unfair. AÏkido was MY sport and she is doing it just because I told her about it. COPYCAT!

I have read very stupid comments about Aïkido. This martial art is not made to be used like Karate for example where you do the movements that you were taught. Aïkido is to inspire you a way to defend yourself by understanding balance and how you can use it to your benefit without injuring yourself or your opponent or without being extremely strong yourself.
I like it because although it is a martial art it is also feminine enough. You can actually do these moves without rolling on the floor and having to sacrifice your womanhood (like Judo for example). Many moves are also very natural and I like it. Nothing is very impressive or demands to jump or something like that. I don’t like martial arts that are mainly made to show off. I like what I can use.

1 thought on “On the whole

  1. You know, little sistes are best at stealing all their big sisters things!! I’ve lost more of my favorite clothing pieces to my little sister than I’d like to count. LOL

    Well, I’m still praying for you and your test. I hope that yours was the best of the bunch!

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