The elders

My sister and I took the elders out yesterday evening. It was fun.
We took them to a place where you eat some real traditional french food that I did not even know before I went there last year.
It was fun and good and of course since it was Saturday night, although we were alone at first we were quickly surrounded by a lot of people, it is always good for missionary work to have a big missionary in a crowded place. LOL

The two elders we have are good and I am glad we have those two. But the more I listen to them the more I worry about myself as a missionary. I also was told some really sad and horrible story that happened during my mission and I wonder how I never was aware of it. I must really have lived in the wonderful world of Mickey Mouse despite all my struggle and family concerns. Now I understand why my mission president seemed to like me so much (as well as the other missionaries), this poor man must have spent sleepless nights crying. comparing to some of the missionaries, me staying in the field despite my mother running away from home with my sisters all the abuse story blowing up during my mission (of course for Xmas) must have look like a tremendous act of faith when it was not really. It was just that I could not fathom going back home. It was not so much faith as it was either good brainwashing or good determination. I must also say that I had a testimony that I ought to go on a mission right at this moment and not latter and that I had spent my youth (childhood and teen age period) dreaming of serving a mission. There was therefore no way I could go back home.
Anyway I am glad that the expectation from future missionaries have been raised because when I think about the story I was told this week I wonder how much damages these people have done to the church that will take a lot of good missionaries to mend.

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