Let’s hope

Well…I wanted to fast last Sunday for my test but since I was sick I could not do it. So I fasted yesterday for someone else’s test.
His name is Brian and we served in the same city. I liked him as a greeny and I was happy to find him on facebook. He is now married and has two cute little girls. His wife looks really nice and the kind of girl I’d get along with.
I would like him to succeed. He needs it to provide for his family a better environment. Funny how, when he speaks I can understand what he says.
Of course I understand English and I understand the words people say or type but there is often something like “where does this come from?” question when I communicate with Americans. I like it because it forces me to stretch and make a special effort to understand, it is all cultural. but it is nice once in a while not to have to make this effort.

I have fasted as if it were for me so that either he will pass or if he should fail let it be because God wants it so and because a new and better opportunity should open soon.

I have been thinking a lot about my mission and how it has influenced my life. Of course I was aware of the changes when I came back but not how much this changes had affected my path. I wonder if I am even aware of the depth of it as I think I am. I look at the people I am in touch with through facebook and no matter what our lives have been up to now we are all stronger on our position. It does not mean that we are strong. We just are able to hold better because it feels like we have learned to keep moving forward or just even to keep moving. We are not shy in dealing with our life. I am not saying that we are all successful (look at me!) I am just saying that we’re all right and fine no matter what we have chosen (and I am talking about gospel choices).
I really wonder if I will have children and if I do how can I teach them good enough so that they’ll be ready for their mission without “pushing” the mission on them?

Oh and talking about children I have found out that “Simon” means “the one who listens”. I definitely want to name a son Simon.

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