I feel ok.
I really feel it is going to be ok.
I still think of the blessing I got last week and I try not to build fantasized hopes but I think God really heard me and this is why I am ok.
If I pass, the first year I will make “only” 1310€ instead of 1562€ but the difference will be paid during my second year.
If I pay my tithing on 1562€, when I get all the money back I won’t have to pay tithing on it which will mean that it will all be for me. Seriously, can I feel the difference between paying 131€ or 156.2€? Considering that I am single and I will still get governmental help for my housing? Still get the “employment prime” the first year?
This prime is given to people who like me work part time and don’t pay taxes. this is to encourage us to work instead of living off social security because when you are unemployed it is very convenient sometimes to keep yourself in this situation.
Basically, the first year I will really have a hard time explaining how I could be broke.

Then, if I am lucky enough to be in junior high I both want to teach 6th grade or what we call 3rd grade (last year of junior high) I see interest in both. I know how both can be annoying but I really want to have them. 6th graders will discover a new language with me and I want to make sure they enjoy it. This is very important.
But 3rd graders are smarter, they already know English so you can do more interesting things with them. is not as if I had a choice anyway.
I won’t even have a choice on where I am going.

Er…Ray…could you correct my blog please?
An English teacher who makes mistakes sucks. I think it sucks but I have noticed that not everybody agrees with me.