I was wrong

About yesterday’s post.
It was a 911 call from her husband.
He is applying a band aid on a open wound.

One of her condition to come back was that they would go to seek help. He went once and is dodging it every time now.

They got into a big fight and she has felt suicidal.

I wanted to cry all day long and I am afraid it is going to last.
What is so hard in love that a man cannot love his wife more than anything else?
What is so hard that in this case this man cannot live his wife more than his father? this is insane, it is not even between his wife and his mother but between his wife and his father.
His brother is not like that and neither is his sister.
I am angry because I love this man like a brother. I owe him big time and there is nothing that I can do for him. He has been given everything to understand how much of an emergency this is and still he won’t do what he knows he needs to be doing.
Don’t picture him a proud and big man.
He is rather short, he’s got blue eyes and is very meek and humble about any gospel topic. He is one of the best bishop I have ever had.
But he just won’t do what it takes to save his marriage.
He saw him crying. He asked us to pray for his wife. We did. But what now? She is back and he is driving her close to suicide.
I am going to fast for him next week end. I really want to cry. This is a waste and it is a sad, sad story.

Kind of funny

Among the new families in the ward there is one sister that I have talked about and that I am going to talk about again.
I really like M-E.
As I told you I have known her since we were children but I was more friend with her brother than with her.
Last Sunday the wife of my previous bishop was not at church and of course…nobody dared to ask her husband why.
Nobody wanted to hear and kind of fake excuse.
M-E came to talk to me about her. She was really concerned about her and the fact that she was not here today (as I was). We talked a lot about how it must be horrible for this poor sister to try to go on, overcome all the things she needs to overcome knowing that everybody in the ward knows everything and everybody is like looking at them with a magnifier. even if it is out of love. I would hate that.
I need to tell you about M-E background for you to understand a poor little sentence she said.
M-E’s father was in the bishopric and a wonderful brother…until he cheated on his wife really badly.
His wife said that trust was destroyed and they got a divorce. this brother’s life went worse and worse if I recall properly. M-E is still sensitive on the subject of faithfulness.
This is why she is surprised by the fact that she “understands” my previous bishop’s wife and what she did.
This show how much nobody, even with the deepest pain about it, is able to blame her for what she did. Because she did not do it because she was “unfaithful”. She was unfaithful because she was hurting and it was this or committing suicide. and nobody can blame her for choosing the solution that could still be mend.
I really worried for her yesterday and I included her in my prayers again.

This morning I got a phone call that woke me up from her husband. He asked me if I could go to his house while he was at work because his wife was sick and kind of low. she was going to go see the dodctor tomorrow but she needed some help both physically and emotionnaly today until he would come back from work.
As you can guess I feared it was some kind of excuse and feared he needed help with his wife. I accepted. Got dressed real quick. Packed a bag with some fun stuff. Left real quick. Got there as fast as my legs could carry me. Stopped by a grocery store to buy some fun things to eat And I got there…
She was really sick and of course really low. It was really nothing more :p:p:p

But at least I was here to help her, to pamper her a little and to help the kids with their homework.

Don’t call 911. It was a match not a fire!

Please, let him be him

All riiiiiight.
I was browsing my “dating” sites because I was too bored and too lazy to study my scriptures and I was about to log off when I went on the first page…..

Nooooo, not the man of my dreams. It is even better than that.

I think I have found one of my first ward mission leader on there. I am 95% sure it is him.
I enjoyed talking with him so much when I was in Tucson.
Of course, the idiot I am forgot his name and had not asked him for his address.

I have often been thinking about him over the years and I thought about him a weeks ago as one of the many faces of my many regrets from my mission.

I swear that if it is him I will kiss my wi-fi routeur.

I sooooooooooo wanted to know more about him not in a romantic way. I just wanted to have a friend like him.
Please, please, please Father make him answer to me and make him want to give me his email address and make him be as cool and fun as I thought he was and let him be my friend as I wished it on my mission.
Yes, Father, I am begging you for a friend. Now this is funny.

losing a job?

Well, if you remember what happened at the beginning of the year you may understand that I want to comment again about it. Yesterday the company that hires the moron I got to write a letter about announced 1200 jobs that will be lost. I hope for him that he is not going to lose his job but if he dos I guess he will remember to be nice.

I am taking pills for my lack of iron in the blood and maybe I need to acknowledge that I am not doing so good with such a low level of iron after all. I have been taking them for about a month and I must say that I feel great.
So….I need iron, I need magnesium and calcium. How do I manage to need so many minerals?

I have found on the net the Qran that I was advised to read to have a good vision of what this book is about, the problem is that it is sold out. NICE! I don’t want to read some crappy translation. I need to call back the great Mosque of Paris to ask them if they’d have some copies because if they don’t have it on Amazon I doubt they’ll have it in any library.

Anyway the sun is shining and soon it will be Easter which means that soon I’ll go to Nice and see my family. I am so eager to see them again. Eÿnora has been chatting with Tristan who is 2 years younger than her and she really enjoyed it. Now she wants to meet him for real. My aunt told me he is tall and when I see pics of them I can picture it easily. The only time I saw him he was like 7 years old I think and he was a brat. Even my other aunt did not want to have him and his brother in her home anymore. Now he sounds like a very soft, sensitive, sensible and shy teenager. Crazy what hormones do to you!

And being half Lebanese her eyes are not truly blue!!! But I like this picture anyway.

Just waiting

Life is good, there is nothing much to say about it.

Aïkido lessons have been canceled for this week so I won’t get to see if I can improve before next week and it sucks. I was so happy to have found a club that would take me now.
The story about this club is that the teacher left mast December without any notice. Most of the students have left. they found another teacher and the students wanted to come back but since they had registered in another club for the year and since this new teacher is a good guy he did not want to take away the students from the other club. So he said to the formers students that they could come on the days they were not supposed to go to the other club. The problem is that sometimes there are not enough students for a class.
One of my friend is considering joining this club also because he has been looking for one with decent schedule and most don’t have it. So if he comes it will be another student which will probably help a lot.

My sister and I are doing GREAT on our food storage plan. I have done an .xls plan of our food storage that we can update every time something changes. I should take a picture of it. I also fixed a little shelf in the closet where we stock our food. I mean anybody would laugh at my little shelf but I am proud of it because I drilled perfect holes to fix it. I know it is nothing to set a goal in but my mother really does not need a man to fix a house and I just wish I were as good as she is. She is short and really does not look like a threat to any construction worker but when she starts a work she gets respect from professionals. Once a carpenter said that he could not have done a better job.
But I am not my mom and I am proud of two holes.

Evil yucky Muslims

I think I am going to start really study the scriptures and all that the prophets have said (because I remember J. Smith saying something about it) to slam the elders with concerning the Muslims.

A few years ago a Muslim woman got baptized and as you can guess she is having a hard time. she goes back and forth. She bore her testimony once and I know she has a strong one but it is really hard ti cut off from the religion of your ancestors.
Well… a few months ago the elders told her that Mohammad had been visited by Satan and that Islam was evil.
The last time I saw her in the street she was wearing a veil (that she was not previously wearing)!!!!!!

Yesterday the elders that something during the meeting about Islam which was about the same idea as what the other elders had said. I told them not to say that. We got into a little controlled fight about it. they said that JOSEPH SMITH had actually said it. Which makes me laugh because I know that his feelings were very tender towards our Muslims brothers and sisters. So I told them “ok, you show me it”.
And the elder looked, and looked, and looked in the scriptures. I know he was looking for the scripture about making a difference between an angel of God and an evil Spirit who pretends to be sent by God. The problem is that I think that the more he looked for it the more he understood what I meant.

It is called humility and love.

First I want to say that I have not read the Qran but that I really want to read a good translation of it because I want to say that I am able to speak from first hand.
Second their only point was that they had talked with MANY Muslims.
Yeah…like many people have talked with many retards in Utah until they meat a real LDS.
I have talked with real Muslims and they are what they pretend to be: submissive to the will of God and try to be humble.

What I find very interesting is that we don’t believe the same things at all. Many of our believes are opposite actually. But when you see faithful and educated Muslims dealing with people, dealing with their family and when you talk to them about how they envision society should be well they sound just like good LDS.

I don’t care what morons believe.

I know God loves all His children and would provide anything He could taking any form for us to be happy, progress and eventually coming back to Him having made the best out of our potential.

And I am sorry if I sound crazy (like I really care actually LOL) but I believe that Mohammad WAS INSPIRED. To which extend is what I want to find out by reading the Qran.

I am a geek and I am proud of it

I woke up at 3.45 am to watch BSG online.
I want to make an effort not to download anymore when I can avoid it.
Hey! I only (almost) download what I really cannot have in France such as BSG.

The last episode was…stunning. You could watch it without having ever watch one single episode of this show because this episode (like the writers have done before) was more about a “subject” than about the show. and the subject is FREE AGENCY.


I think that if I should ever be called as sunday school teacher I will just pull out this episode if I should ever have to teach a lesson about this subject.
The only concern I have is that this has been kind of done before in the 70s’ or 80s’ in the US…LOL

Then later in the morning my visiting teachers came and it was good.

I knew one of them from the time I was in primary in Paris (500km from where I live now which in France is culturally the distance between Chicago and SLC). I was friend with her brother (now inactive), we were not really friend because she was much younger than me.
Anyway I did not know her as an adult. When I was told that she would be in our ward and told this to my mother she told me that the had been told (notice how many times something has been “told”) that she did not have an easy temper to deal with.
When I was told about how she was supposed to be I thought that I would like her because at least she sounded like someone who would really speak her mind and therefore someone you could say “no” to instead of wavering between two confused and confusing possibilities (oh I hate that!).
Well, well, well….
I don’t like her.
She is indeed someone who speaks her mind, so am I.
She is also a woman who managed (I don’t know how) to be a full time mom, a teacher (science in junior high), the RS president councelor…
I have had her daughter and now I have her son in nursery and I can tell you that she and her husband are GREAT parents. They are examples.
they have managed to succeed what 99% of parents fail. Of course failing does not mean that you’re going to be bad as a mother or a father but since 99% fail it then takes special talent to be the best mother/father possible.
The trick they managed to succeed is the “frame”.
their kids have a structure, a “frame” in which they are allowed to express themselves fully but the frame is not movable and you cannot destroy it. It is a sane one based on simple things structured and gospel oriented.
I think that one of the strength of it is that the children also know that their parents could go out of the frame but they don’t. They show the example by respecting the frame.
They are also as one when it come to children (they have been married for 7 years). One can says anything and know that not a word, not a breath will come out of the other’s mouth to oppose.
Their daughter has a “strong” personality that her primary teacher is not comfortable with. I am comfortable with her because she is not hard or disobedient. She is just herself and very balanced. It is just that you have to accept that she is not going to stay on her chair staring blankly at you because she has been threatened by her parents in case she does not behave (sorry, I have seen many parents using terror instead of authority). the problem is that you have to have a stronger temper than hers and if you are weak yourself or not sure about your position as a normal and balance child she will just slide in the crack.
It does not mean that she will be mean but she will just not pay attention to you.
I love her.
And her little brother is great.
He is about the same but he is a little easier.
It is kind of hard to actually explain why or what I mean because I feel like I am saying that this sister is very permissive and just shows “a good example”. This is not just what her teaching is about. she is all about teaching, meaning, living…If you understand what I mean. Imagine the perfect example of the perfect mother and father for toddlers and you’ll have an idea.
I know she is not perfect and I know she will make mistake as a mother like all mothers do. But the difference is that she and her husband are giving right now they keys to their children to overcome the mistakes they will make as parents. It is pretty impressive.

I will talk another day about what we shared with her concerning this month’s message. It was good too but now is time for bed since I had a messed up night due to my BSG addiction.