I like it, I like it a lot

I heard it today in a song that I never really paid attention to in the past. It says “I am a Queen but not the shadow of a king”.
I like it, this is exactly what I think of myself and how I envision my life if I should get married.

France has been going through a bad storm and many people have found themselves without some basic things. I am so glad that we have been advised to have food storage. The area where I live is far from the area that is destroyed but I am thinking that in case my sister and I are almost set.
One funny thing though, I have been told by my housing company that our city is officially in a “flood risk” zone….
I live in a building on the top of a hill !!!!
The worse that could happen would be to be stuck at home. I am very curious to see what my city would be like if we had a flood. I really wonder where it could come from.
I guess I’d rather be safe than sorry.

3 thoughts on “I like it, I like it a lot

  1. I love that line too. Perfect. I’m glad you’re pretty well prepared for the worst. That is good news.
    Also, SO glad Dany was able to make it to your meeting yesterday. That is awesome!!
    We lost a dear sweet member of our ward yesterday. My home teacher. He also blessed Justin. He was just one of the greatest guys. He’s been sick for a while now, so I don’t think it was unexpected, but it’s still so sad. I feel for his sweet wife. I just hope my work schedule will allow me to attend his funeral.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about this sad event.
    I wish you to be able to attend his funeral. If you’d work in France you’d be able to no matter what your schedule would be, you would just have to take a day off (since you’d have so many). It sucks. I am really sorry.

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