I like it, I like it a lot

I heard it today in a song that I never really paid attention to in the past. It says “I am a Queen but not the shadow of a king”.
I like it, this is exactly what I think of myself and how I envision my life if I should get married.

France has been going through a bad storm and many people have found themselves without some basic things. I am so glad that we have been advised to have food storage. The area where I live is far from the area that is destroyed but I am thinking that in case my sister and I are almost set.
One funny thing though, I have been told by my housing company that our city is officially in a “flood risk” zone….
I live in a building on the top of a hill !!!!
The worse that could happen would be to be stuck at home. I am very curious to see what my city would be like if we had a flood. I really wonder where it could come from.
I guess I’d rather be safe than sorry.