I am tired

I wake up everyday with a migraine.
I asked today for a blessing about the CAPES and I was expecting something like: God has something else in store for you. I mean I was ready for anything. I am not asking for the CAPES specifically although it would mean something to me. I am asking for something to get me out of the financial situation I am in. and I kind of rather have a job that means something. Being a teacher does mean something to me. I know…I am an alien.
Well the blessing was totally in the direction I chose. I am afraid to hope and to be disappointed again. It is like a part of me is hoping and a part of me is afraid still.

So….Just to show God that this blessing was not wasted time even if I am still afraid I decide to act upon my blessing and do something that may be a little too early but I am going to create this special teacher account I wanted to create on msn if I’d pass.
the plan was to give the kids this email address to which they could write to in case of need for an explanation. I would also tell them that I’d be online from this time to this time just to answer to any of there question.

My other plan is also to get one of those cell phone plan to be able to call the US for free so as to call the Us durong class in case of need. This way would have been a way to show the kids that English is not just a school subject but something real that people can use daily.

I have tones of other ideas like this one. One that I am actually testing right now even if I am not a teacher and it is working good.

Anyway. Time for a little act of faith. MSN here I come.

2 thoughts on “I am tired

  1. OK, first of all–honest to goodness, my little video clip is safe–nothing like that other picture you saw on that other blog. It does show an ultrasound, but it’s a perfectly normal ultrasound. I think it’s rather an uplifting little video clip myself. So, anyway. I like your leap of faith idea. I’m thinking of posting about your test on my blog, and asking others to add you to their prayers that day. Would that be ok?

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