Emotional terrorism

I remember once going to church when I was a child. I must have been between 7 and 10 years old.
There was a prolife campaigne against abortion where a fetus was exposed on advertisement boards. It was huge. I remember being deeply hurt by this picture.
I was violent. It felt to me like a personal attack because I was a child and it was a baby.
I remember feeling violently against those who had put this picture up there.
I think that my pro-choice position come partly from this feeling I had as a child.
It stills conveys much anger when I think about this memory but it increased with time because I am an adult today with adult feelings.
I try to keep it rational because nothing good comes out from a point of view rooted in emotions. So I won’t make any statement that could have been influenced by the feelings I have right now concerning the subject I have talked about before.
I just want to say that no matter what your point of view may be, you cannot be right by using emotional terrorism.
Thinking about this I develop an even deeper feeling of respect for Simone Veil.
How much violence! It makes me feel like throwing up. I am feeling angry against someone tonight whose point of view I share about abortion (as far as the US are concerned) but I cannot agree on the mean to try to make a point and I wonder how numb one can be to be able to put such a picture. And no you won’t see this picture. No you won’t have a link to this blog because I highly disapprove of this being displayed.

3 thoughts on “Emotional terrorism

  1. I think I might know which post you are talking about, and it is a disturbing image. I can only imagine that this person feels so strongly that they felt the need to show this. I don’t know, hope you can forgive them for the offense.

  2. I am not “offended” because it is not about my ego. It is about feeling hurt in a very destructive way.

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