bad bad bad bad

I did something bad with money that I don’t even have….
I bought myself this baby.
But you need to understand that this is actually and investment.
See, I payed only 70€ for something that it currently worth 200€. Then when the next one comes out with an image stabilizer I will sell this one to buy the new one brand new. Even if I lose a little money I will have gotten a good lens to play with while I will have been waiting for the next one.

So this is preventing me from going insane and who knows, maybe I can take a really good pic and get some money out of it.

I know I should not have done this. But I really wanted it. and I know I am good with this kind of lense and I am tired of being frustrated all the time because I cannot buy this or I cannot buy that and all this because they won’t let me pass the fraking CAPES.

Yes I am a geek. I know, I need to stop watching BSG. But I will have to stop eventually because there are only 9 episodes left and then it will be over.
Humanity will probably be over.
No more BSG.
No more Adama and Roslin.
No more Starbuck.

Ray and Mikki…you really don’t have to comment on this you know. I am pathetic.

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