Not fun topic

I am sorry to bring up this topic that is so not fun but I wanted to say something on the subject after reading this post on another blog

I am pro abortion law and unless God gives a testimony that I am wrong I don’t think that I will change my mind.
and you know what?
He won’t.
Because he knows where my point of view comes from.

In the church we seem to value freedom of choice as something that we could consider divine.
Free agency is the only path we could learn all principals, experience for ourselves so as the atonement could mean something. Remove free agency and His sacrifice is only slaughter.

Does it make abortion something good? NOoooooooooooooo

It makes it something sad, something horrible that as a society we don’t give our mothers all it take to feel confident and strong enough in any field to be able to raise this child.
It means that we care more about principals (this is my body and I do what I want with it versus Abortion is killing somebody) than what is truly important: the future of our humanity.
Oh I don’t worry, humans are around for a long time. But what does it mean to be a human when a human is worth less than a principal?

When Mrs Veil fought in France for the legal right to abortion of course she faced horrible things and threats (she was a survivor from death camps and let me tell you that people did not spare her). One conservative politician, whose name I can’t recall, was a true catholic and went against his own people when he told her: “between my principal and charity I chose charity”.

I will write more latter.

(added after I came back from running some errands)

Now you need to understand that in France you can get an abortion only up to a certain time, only up to the time the baby’s heart starts beating and I am fine with it.
One could say that my point of view will change after I have a child. How I feel about what I am going to say may change but not my point of view because it is a rational one.
I am fine with the french law about it. I don’t consider an embryo is nothing but to me it is only a potential human, not a human yet. after the heart has started beating I consider it a life and therefore a murder to stop this life from developing. There is a joke in France to try to make people understand the difference between a life and a potential life:
If a woman having an abortion is murder what about a man masturbating?
Of course this is always to keep on mind our laws that are different from American laws.

I found out something that is interesting about Simone Veil.
She does not share my point of view about the starting point of life. For her life starts when the sperm meets the egg. I thought it was interesting that she went against her own view on things not to grant some kind of privilege but for things she deeply believed in. These things were the fact that women were going to have an abortion no matter what. the difference would be that the rich ones would have it in foreign countries with all the medical care they needed and the poor one who put their life in jeopardize to have this abortion.
Not to authorized abortion was not only hypocritical but also a danger for public health.
How about that? How evil is a woman who goes against her point of view to reach out a loving hand to those who either don’t share her point of view or who have gone through a path she did not take?
Of course she fought for the daughters, the grand-daughters of those who had let her go to death camps where she lost half of her family and where she could have died too.
Her life was threaten. Her family was threaten. A rabbi said something that I have a hard time typing because it is so awefull. He said that she was more guilty than Hitler himself for she had enabled the murder of billions of lives. She had not enabled it! She had protected future mothers’ lives and through this the possibility of having more to come in good situations to moms’ who knew their price.

3 thoughts on “Not fun topic

  1. hee hee hee hee hee
    What I like about faith is that you cannot prove anything. I like the stretch πŸ™‚

  2. Ultimately, the Church teaches that all decisions about abortion are up to the parents (or mother, if the biological father is not involved). There are exceptions to the general rule of not having an abortion, and the exceptions include the “health of the mother” – with no specific limits set on that category. I phrase it as a pro-choice stance within a pro-life framework.

    If you are interested in my take on the LEGAL issues involved, I wrote about it on Mormon Matters a while ago:

    When Moral Issues Become Political Issues

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