I hate this period of time

I just hate it.
I have managed to keep my stress level pretty low until now. My sleep is crap. I fall asleep late and I wake up at 5.00 am. Gosh I just want to take this test and to pass it. I need to pass it. I feel like I am traped in a jar with a lid I can’t push because it is screwed.
God is the only one who has the power to unscrew it. I have been told thousands of ways to unscrew it myself but you know what? I am inside and it is just impossible to do it with my own means.
Could be because I am too short.
The fact is that once it is removed I know I can do some really good things.
I am not even asking for the lid to be removed the way I want, I am just asking for freedom.

I have been praying and fasting like crazy. I am told I am smart and educated and hard working…too bad these don’t matter to become a teacher. And I am tired of trying to explain my American friends why these don’t matter and what has been required so far from wannabe-teachers (aside from being lazy and stupid).
GOSH if you Americans take the socialist path I beg you not to become like us who are suffocating because we kept our head in the sand too long.

I am tired, upset, frustrated and tears are coming up. It is only 6.50 am.

1 thought on “I hate this period of time

  1. When is the test again? I hope this period of waiting is over for you soon. Whether you pass or not, I think it will be good for you to just be done with it already. Let me know the day, and I’ll fast on that day for you. My prayers are with you my friend. :o)

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