Huge blessing

This may be a little excessive because talking about a “huge” blessing would be more appropriate for the CAPES but I want to use this word.
First I want to say that I had a vey crappy sabath. I heard so many things that made me furious that having to keep it inside eventualy made me a little dizy. I wondered if it was me or it was them and I found out that it was really them.
I have tried to talk to someone who is going through the same feelings as I have in the past. Some members can be very heartless. I even managed to make her laugh.
Ok let me explain.
she was supposed to give the lesson in sunday school today. She is endowed but not having any nylons she decided to wear thigh highs….misstake ;o).
They pulled her Gs down. It was not much, it was only very slightly showing.
Anyway a member got really mad at her in public for that. She heard him talking to the RS president (a sweet woman) asking out loud to tell her something because it was not acceptable and balh blah blah and that there were non members there and blah blah blah.
Can you imagine how this sister felt? Can you imagine the whole situation?
The worse was that she was aware of it and she was already trying to hide her legs behind a chair.
My friend was really hurt. I could feel she almost wanted to cry.
I talked to her during sacrament meeting in the lobby and this is when she told me about it to try to get it off her chest I guess. Anyway I tried to help her to take some distance from this kind of reaction from members. I tried to help her understand that this kind of attitude comes from a lack of understanding of the gospel and this lack of understanding often comes from a lack of education.
I told her that this member (that I really love, he is a good man) also got mad at me after this talk about missionnary work. The elders just loved me for it and thanked me but I know I have crossed a few members. I did not care because my way to say things may have been tactless (I admit) but I felt inspired to do it.
I told her that I told the members that it is pointless to pray and fast for missionnary work if you’re not willing to act and to do something. You cannot pray and then expect things to happen. You cannot just sit at a corner of the street and expect people to come to you.

Then I added for her that it only worked for bitches.

She laughed. Probably as you are.
She asked me if I had said this in my talk. I told her of course not…but close enough.

Anyway…rough day.

Went home.
Slept for a good few hours.
Woke up.
Went on facebook. Found out my cousin Tristan had added me as a friend and answered to my message.
Remembered that I had to look again for one of those special fare for train tickets that are so low that they go in a few hours after having been issued…BINGO!!
122.40€ for the both of us when it should be almost 200 just for me.
So I called one of my aunt and now my grand mother can buy her ticket to come to France.
Goooooooooooooooooooooood day

1 thought on “Huge blessing

  1. Congrats on your train ticket score. Very cool. I love what you said in your talk. It’s totally the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts, so if anyone got offended, it’s only because it probably applies to them.
    I’m sorry that was said in front of your friend. I’m glad you were there to try and help her feel better about it. Sometimes people can be pretty judgemental. I’m always sad when it’s our own ward family that acts that way, when they should be trying to help, support and uplift each other.

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