I did it!

I gave my blood yesterday. Thanks to my little sister.
I have been wanting to give my blood since I was a child but I am way to scared of needles.
You really can’t imagine how scared I am.
I have registered last year on the list for bone marrow transplant and this is ok with me. You know, you are alseep. They can do whatever they want to me if I am asleep, specially if it can save a life. But giving blood….
So my little sister and I went to give our blood and we both had the same problem: it ran very slow. the way the nurse had my blood coming out fairly well was to change the direction of it and such making it hurt pretty bad.
But I am proud I did it.
Plus I want to say that the nurse was good because my arm usually hurt forever after my vein has been poked and it is not the case this time. Thank you nurse.

I like the idea of giving blood or bone marrow or whatever is needed and that we can give freely. It feels to me like this is really what being LDS is about. I have what I need and I can give what I don’t need to others. The cost is not that big (only a little pain) and the benefit is great.

You may think that this is strange but I like the fact that in France you don’t get money for your blood. You do it freely and you cannot give more than 3 times a year if you’re a woman.
Of course this means that hospitals are always running short on blood supply. But this is more ethical to me. Of course it would work better if children were taught about it when they’re young so they understand the importance of it once they’re grown ups.