I am sorry but…

I was told yesterday that the photography department from most stores are doing really bad.
This is because either people know what they want and just buy it on the internet or they don’t. And if they don’t they’d rather go to a dedicated store than to a general store. So this guy did something that was really not smart and I think that he should resign before someone else complains about him and he gets fired.
When FNAC opened is the city where I live their plan was to destroy CAMARA…20 years after they are still here and they are doing good. And they won’t be worried by FNAC because they know how to treat people.
One thing that made me smile and that I may say to the director if I get a chance to is that in his letter he wrote that the seller is a very able man. I want to tell him that he is not “able” but “knowledgeable” or else I would not have sent this letter. And I know that he is knowledgeable because he is the only real photographer they kept from the original team and they need him because of it.
But if they took the time to look for someone else I can tell them that they would find plenty of guys who are both knowledgeable AND able. For example the guy who sold us the camera my mother bought.
Now I want to talk about something that makes me sad (for myself).
I do my job in the school where I work.
I do my job PLUS things that add to the quality of the school.
I cannot get a raise for it but it would be ok if I would get a little more recognition for it.
I know I need to show off to get this recognition I would like to have but it is not my style.
The other way would be to show extreme self confidence so as to impress others. I do have self confidence but not more than I should.
I think the way things work is sad. I know I will work something out so I get the respect for the work I think that my work deserve but I think it is sad that things are tough when they don’t need to be.

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