Victory over idiots

This is NOT a spiritual post.
This is close to be the worst post from my blog so far ( you may disagree) but I want to talk about it.

First: I have found a way to watch my favorite American shows without waiting (about ten years, literally for my #1) for them to be aired on french TV. AND IT IS LEGAL 100% so far. So I am not going to tell you how because I don’t want everybody to jump on this opportunity and then having a law against it.
So guess what I am going to watch on Saturday morning?

Yes, I know you don’t know what show I am talking about yet and I have kept quiet this little addiction so far because I wanted to be sure you would first trust my sanity before I come out in the open about my geek side.

And the show of the year is…..


And I am sure I know who’s the fifth.
Not because of the “clues” or I should say that the clues send us in many directions but one. Beside there so many reasons to think that this character CAN’T be a cylon…

Anyway I wanted to tell you about what happened during the last holidays.
My mother made a huge effort to be nice.
We went to a famous store in France called the “FNAC” because she wanted to try a bridge camera. I have seldomly been treated this way and I got so mad. I know I don’t look like much but I think there is a minimum respect that I am entitled to expect.
we then went to another store to buy the camera that was not even meant to be bought and I wrote a good letter to the store (with the bill from the other store) telling them about how I feel about their place.
I got an answer faster than the time it took me to write mine.

The guy who had been so rude was called in right away to give an explanation and I got apologize from the store and an offer for my next purchase.

In France the usual attitude, the one my mother raised me with, is that you should just suffer and not complain because you don’t want someone to lose his/her job or because it is not going to change anything.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
First if he/she does not want to lose a job then this person ought to be careful not to be rude. then the answer I got is an evidence that things do change when people speak up.
The truth is that most of the time people write nice letters thinking that the person on the other side is going to pay attention.
Sorry but this how it works in France: you are either feared or looked down at. And guess what I chose?
Sorry if it turns it a bad day for someone but there are lines you should not cross and if you do then you should pay the price like anyone else.

2 thoughts on “Victory over idiots

  1. I thnk you’re absolutely right. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the Queen of Sheba, or just one of her little peons, you deserve respect. I’m glad you wrote that letter, maybe the clerk will learn to show all his customers the respect they deserve in the future.

  2. I think he will remember me and will make my life miserable next time I come for a purchase. This is how it works in France but I don’t care because this other store who only does cameras and photography supply is only a tiny bit more expensive and I always get treated right.
    They also remember me each time I come back although I come in only once a year. They don’t need my money, I never buy a lot and they are in a busy street with tones of customers. I am glad that I made my mom buy there because they deserved this purchase and I have not been faithfull to them as I should have.

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