I am ready for a miracle

Since last week’s fast was totally messed up because I had other things to think about and I had to break my fast early I decided to fast this week for the CAPES.
I will fast next month again.
I know it is my second post about it but I am really concerned about this test.
I need it and I know that nothing can make me pass but a miracle.
I do believe in miracles so I guess all is well but what I don’t believe in is my ability to know that this is also what our heavenly Father wants for me. I mean there is only THIS door to improve my situation. If this door closes down I hope that he has a dang good escape in store for me.
I have prayed in my life before and I have obtained what I wanted.
But the way I have asked for things in the past was pretty much like ordering something from the menu in a restaurant. I did not doubt I would get it and I would get mad if I did not have it (yes I was younger).
I don’t doubt God can grant me what I am asking for but I also know that He knows better than me what I need and this is where my questioning comes from.
There is also the fact that I know that He will give me what HE wants and not what I want because now I am an adult and I know that I need to fully trust him.
I think I do but I think that this could be a good test to find out if I still trust Him as much as I have the past months. It is easy to fall back in our flaws such as thinking that we know more about ourself than he does (this was my tendency that I try to keep in check).
So, this is my thought for the day: I am ready for a miracle.
Tomorrow I will tell you about what has “hit” me recently and has given me a whole new vision about our lives.

1 thought on “I am ready for a miracle

  1. I’m praying for your miracle. You’ve taken the test before right? So hopefully that has helped to prepare you a bit. I think the experience you have going in is going to help you. So, you’ll pass I’m sure. And like you say, if you don’t then Heavenly Father most definitely has something else in mind for you. I know what you mean though, sometimes not knowing what he has in store for you is the hardest part.

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