It’s only the MTC

I got a phone call from Guillaume’s mom.
Gosh I cannot believe how she is!
I mean there is nothing bad or wrong but I think that she is going way beyong the limit of what is sane.
I understand that she was living with him and that he is her only son (she also has a daughter) and that she is not going to see him for two years and blah blah blah
But seriously did she ever really think that this state of them being together was going to last all his life?
One day children have to go.
When I hear her she scares me. I have the feeling that she is on the edge of doing something bad to herself and it is not that I have hard feelings againts her. It is just that she scares me to death.
How can you have a child and not think that someday your child IS NOT going to leave? Didn’t you leave your parents yourself?
And it is only the MTC. Nothing to be worried about and yet she is. I cannot imagine what it is to be like when he is in the field. It is good that she has not served a mission because she has no idea of how violent it can be sometimes. If only she had known I think she would not have left him even put his papers in.
But it is good. It is the best thing that can happen to someone.
This time was not the best time if my life. It was “only” (these are sarcastic quotes of course) the time when I became an adult.
I think that if she knew all the things that he is going to go through on his mission she would not have left him do it but in the mean time I wonder if it is not the actual “unknown” that makes her so worried. I don’t know. I am not her and I cannot tell.
It is the first time I am really kind of close to a mission mom and I wonder if they are all like that.
I would be proud of my son going on a mission that’s for sure but I don’t think I would make such a deal out of it like his father and his step mother or that I would be worried like his mother is.
I think I would worry about my job, wondering if I have taught him enough and if I gave him the tools he would need to learn everything he could learn on his mission. But I would not worry “for him”. It is only the MTC. It is only his mission. It is only his life.

4 thoughts on “It’s only the MTC

  1. I agree totally with this post. Of course, my oldest son should get his mission call in the next couple of months, so we’ll see how we react when we actually are facing it. *grin*

  2. Well…even if he has to go to another continent remember that most missionaries come back alive and usually wiser than when they left.
    Just to know my reaction I would like to have a son. Just to know if I will freak out the same way.

  3. Well, my guys are still quite a ways away from that fateful day. But I really hope and pray that they will want to serve a mission, that they’ll be worthy to serve a mission, and that they will serve a mission. I hope when that day gets here that I will behave in a fairly sane and rational manner. Right now, I think I would because I would just be so proud of them. But then, once I actually start thinking about all the what ifs, who knows how I’ll react.

  4. there is no “what if”. Most of the time missionnaries don’t obey all the rules you know…And do you know why is that? Because they are too many…and do you know why is that? Because the first presidency wants to make sure that missionaries get home safely. So don’t worry, your boys will come back home alive, a little bigger and a little wiser.

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