Next month

I will take again this test I have worked for all the past years.
I must say that I have not “studied” for it this year but I do take it more seriously than last year.
The thing is that I have worked hard. I know I have done my best the past years and there is nothing more I can do. So I jus pray that I will be blessed with success this time.
I need to pass it on financial level.
I honestly believe that it would be a good thing for a lot of people if I should pass it.
But this is only my point of view. So I hope that if Heavenly father disagree at least He has something better in store for me because with all the financial mess we are in I would greatly appreciate to become a teacher.
I will fast next sunday since last sunday’s fast was pretty much spoiled. I will also fast in February.

I am currently making 545€
If I should pass I would make 1500.
PLUS since I already work in a school I would not have to wait 3 months to get my first paycheck like the other new teahers. I would get it right away.
Plus since wellfare is calculated with years behind I would still get wellfare for my appartment the first year (and maybe the second too). I would also get the special “employment prime” the first year. this is for people who have not earned much during the year to encouragethem to work rather than to live off social security.

I would be able to pay big tithing *wink* and to spoil my family and to save for when I would have to pay income taxes.

PLEEEEEEEEASE. Father I need to pass.

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