It is getting easier

Weird how things, how the slightest thing, sounded like huge to do and how things are so much easier now.

I know that I have spent years in a “pre” depressive state but it can’t explain it all.

I called a sister in my ward today.
She has a hard time coming to church and nobody can blame her. She tries hard to come but she is one of these situation where breathing is almost a miracle.
Anyway this young sister has had a tumor removed from her skin. It was big but in the end it turned out not to be cancerous.
We heard about it in RS only once everything was over and last sunday I was told by the elders that she was sad that nobody from church asked about her health. But we just did not know.
So I called her. She is not my best friend. She is not even my friend. We have no common taste and I often have some difficulties to understand her when she speaks because she belongs to this “lower” class who does not bother articulte words.
But I admire her.
She has these two little kids and a husband who is a handfull to deal with but she still does her best to come to church and when she does one can tell that she is trying to get filled spiritually and emotionally with any tiny bit of whatever she will get.
She is not like a leech who will just suck our strength and energy out. She just seems to be drinking from all of us.
I wish I could do something for her. I guess calling her is good already but I wish I could do more.

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