How did it start?

I just got my…..
MY WII !!!!
I am having so much fun
It does not sound liek something too profound to talk about but give me a minute or two and it will be.

I was set apart yesterday as a ward missionary.
During our meeting with the missionaries we talked about two Chinese girls who were interested in the gospel and then suddenly all cold out. We’re thinking to stop trying to have the missionaries teach them and be their friends instead.
The ward mission leader has a little problem with reality and thinks that a 32 years old woman can just get along with two Chinese “almost” teenagers. I hate when people do that. He got “the look” from me.
But I think that my sweet little sister (who is about their age) could do great if I’d invite them over for crêpes and a wii night. The wii is a great thing to have fun and break the ice. I have experienced it before.
Nintendo and the gospel can be terrific together. What do you think about it? Do you think I should write a post for Mormon Matters about Nintendo?
Somethimes they get so carried away with some ideas that I think that Nintendo could just fit in.

Talking about the gospel I get a little bothered by people’s expectation from the law of tithing.
I want to obey this law just becauise I am asked to and because it is a hard one for me right now. this is what is fun for me: do something that is so hard.
If I get blessings FOR OBEYING THIS LAW then it is not hard anymore, there is no stretch and no learning.
I agree with getting blessings when I have been obedient but I don’t want MONEY like most members seem to talk about. I want to progress not get money!
I mean money is great. thank you. But I don’t want to get money back when I give my money. It makes no sense. Then tithing is just about investment and in this case I want to say that buying stocks is probably a better idea.

I would love to pass the CAPES but if I should pass because I paid my tithing it would start making the gospel about materialistic things and I don’t want that.

Father, bless me with the CAPES for my service as a ward missionary if You will but not because I am paying tithing. Actually I think that I like not to be blessed for this commandment at all. But it is not as if I could tell Him what is better for me. And on another hand if I pass the CAPES I will get three times what I am making and i will be able to pay three times as much tithing…..maybe He can bless me for that after all.

I hear you laughing.

5 thoughts on “How did it start?

  1. “Nintendo and the gospel can be terrific together.”

    Amen, Sister!

    “I want to progress, not get money.”

    Amen, Sister!

    “I hear you laughing.”

    Amen, Sister – but it a very good laughing of companionship and agreement!

  2. What Ray said.
    I love that you just want to be obedient. Wish we were all a bit more like that.
    You lucky girl. I’m hoping we can get a Wii with our tax returns this year. I want the Wii Fit. Hoping it’ll help with my wii backside.

  3. I want to be obedient…it does not mean that I am.
    And the wii is great. I am going to have my family buy me the Wii fit for my B-Day this summer.
    I ma sure it will help you with your backside, it helps in many things.

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