Bonne année à vous tous

This new year has started pretty good. My mom has kept on making efforts and even if it is not perfect it is enough for me.
I got a good surprise these days on facebook.
Someone asked me to be added among my friends, he was contacting me in behalf of my grand-mother who is in Lebanon.
The neat thing is that I did not know that when I saw it he was still in front of his computer with my grand-mother. So she got news pretty much right away. And since I added him I also told him to download the pics of me and my sister from last summer. she was able to see her grand-daughters that she has never seen.

The other neat thing is that he told me she is aware of things she did and she should not have. she may not realize everything but understands that she did really horrible things and she would like to ask forgiveness to my mom.
The sad thing is that I know it is pointless if she hopes to mend anything.
I think she should do it if she needs to. I think she should do it if she wants to obey the commandments so as to be “clean” when she meets her Creator but she should not expect anything else and this is sad.
Once again, I am not saying that my mom does not have some good reasons to feel hurt. I am just saying that my grand-mother did nothing as a grand-mother to deserve not to know about my sisters.
Anyway, we’re going to Nice in a few months and my grand-mother will meet at least one of the two and it is good.
2009 is going to be good just because of this.

2 thoughts on “Bonne année à vous tous

  1. That is so cool about your grandmother. How exciting that you’ll get to go meet her this year.
    I think it’s wonderful she is seeking forgiveness, even if your mom can’t offer it to her, at least your grandmother is on the right track.

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