Only 3

I only have three callings now.
I am so glad that I can’t be called as a bishop. Thank God for the priesthood being only given to men and not to us.
Brothers keep it!
Because the day we can have it (hopefully never) someone will figure out that we can just do it all and then you’ll have it easy while we’ll have it all.

Guess who’s been called to ward missionary?

But the things is that I felt it the same way I felt when I was called to the nursery and this is really telling me something.

So there is the nursery calling and then I have a “calling” that the bishop consider one but that I don’t because I just have not been set apart for it or sustained and because there is nothing about it in the church which “ward photographer”. I am just in charge of taking the pics for church activity and pictures of the families for the ward history.
A few weeks ago I was given a talk about another talk from G.B.Hinkley. I did shake a little of the dust and crossed some members (which was not my intend) after which the bishop’s councelor wanted to give me talks every sunday of the week for the coming year. I must say that this talk was for me almost more than for the members because I talked about a lot of things that I knew were right and that I did not do. This was wrong in this way that the reason I knew I should be doing it is because I served a mission myself when most members in my ward have not. I felt I was really under “condemnation” not in the hard way but in the way that I knew I had to kick my butt to start changing it.

In the mean time D&C 4 kept coming back to my mind and I started growing a desire to serve again but going on a mission again would not be the smartest thing to do for several reasons.

When the bishop came to me after sacrament meeting and told me he wanted to talk to me I knew he wanted to call me as a ward missionary and I tried to tell myself that I could not “feel” things and be right everytime.
then his first counselor put his hand on my shoulder and asked me if I knew that the bishop wanted to see me and there was nothing about the way he said it but I knew I was right. Oh yes, his counselor is also the ward mission leader and a good one.
I think I know the feeling now. It is not like when I feel the spirit telling me that this is right or this is wrong.
It is like there is the Spirit of God teaching me things when I need to be taught and there are times when it seems that it is my spirit that is in tune with higher purposes not in this way that I have any kind of influence on it but in this way that I know things.

I hope I can teach this to my children someday. And if I can’t ever at least I hope that someone will read this and understand the difference I am talking about.

2 thoughts on “Only 3

  1. Only 3? Sounds like someone is trying to keep you busy. That’s good though.
    I think I kind of know what you’re talking about with the spiritual intuition thing. I’ve felt that a few times too.

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