Joyeux Noël

Mine was good.
I wish it had been a little more spiritual but I think it has been the most spiritual since a long time.

My mother was nice from the beginning until the end this was I was able to prove her that she is the one who is making things hard. She will always be sick and she was not “normal” when she was here, she was just nice and this is really all that I ask her.

My sister came back today and she had a good Xmas with her father and step mother. she thinks that her little sister is the greatest baby on Earth and I think this is good. You never know what their relationship might turn out like. So if she thinks that she is great this is a hope that things won’t turn out ugly as I fear.

Dany must be taken care of, loved and huged by all the members of her family. I just hope really strong that she was able to have all her grand children. I doubt it but I hope still.

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