A sense of sacredness

Well, well, well.
This time has been a time to grow again.
Dany’s surgery has been postponed because she has some blood circulation issue that needs to be taken care of before they do the surgery. This stresses me out. I just want it to be removed from her body so we can turn the page, so she can spend Christmas with her family and so we can make her understand that she needs to sell her house to move closer to her daughter.

I called one of the person I talked about in my previous post.
It was a really good call.
I am glad I did.
I explained to her why I had been this way over the past years and she said she thought she had been a little too pushy. I explained to her that I knew she had done that because she cared but I was aching and I was angry for numerous reasons. I did not want to tell her then why I was angry but in the mean time I wanted to tell it. So it made it kind of difficult to communicate on both side.
We then talked about spirituality and personal life.
After this phone call I got a sense of sacredness for my own life.
I not only felt grateful for it but I also felt as if it was not just mine but something precious in God’s plan.
I have hard time explaining it because it was subtle and something I did not expect. As if my life was beyond my own understanding. It made me feel like letting go even more of all the things that have bothered me.
I was able to explain to my friend what happened at the beginning of the year and it felt like she was not just listening to me but like she was receiving something sacred and it made me feel like we shared something because this is how I feel about it.
The “funny” thing is that I think this has been a huge lesson (a sweet one) for both of us. Our path of life have had nothing in common but the time we spent in Az, she was actually the greeny just before me with the same trainer and in the same ward. But we have come to learn the same important lesson about faith and we have decided to make the same choice wich brings us now on similar path.
I don’t know yet how important this is. I mean I do but in the mean time I feel this is a key lesson that will have a lot more consequences than I can fathom in my life and in the next one. And I am glad I learned it.

2 thoughts on “A sense of sacredness

  1. It’s interesting how the subtle often is the most undeniable.

    I also am glad you were able to learn a lesson that will help you.

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