Ensemble (Together)

Était-ce mai, novembre
Was it in May or in November?
Ici ou là?
Was it here or there?
Était-ce un lundi?
Was it on a monday?
Je ne me souviens que d’un mur immense
I only remember a giant wall
Mais nous étions ensemble
But we were together
Ensemble, nous l’avons franchi
And together we put it down

Come back to me
De tes voyages si loin
From your trips far away
Come back to me
Tout s’ajoute à ma vie
Everything is adding up in my life
J’ai besoin de nos chemins qui se croisent
I need our path of life to meet again
Quand le temps nous rassemble
When time gathers us
Ensemble, tout est plus joli.
Everything is more beautiful.

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