Come what may

It has not grown easier but I am starting to accept what I cannot change.
I am just beging for one thing. I just want to be of some help. I am not going to complain and I am not asking for something incredible. I just want an opportunity to be here for her.
It is funny how easy it is for some to accept things they cannot change just becaus they know they can’t. Most of the time I think that things can be changed and I either look for a way things could have been done or I do it.
No I have never faced something that really cannot be changed.
And when I think about her life I love her more and I start wanting her to leave right now. Times ahead are going to be rough. She is a babyboomer and she had it all easy economically (not her personal life). But she has always been aware of it and has considered it a blessing. She has been wise in her choices and she has been a good mother has raised 4 wonderful chilren. Do I want her to be old and sick in these days? The older she is going to get the worse times are going to be. I know she will always have her children who will watch over her but this is just not nice to want her to stay just becaue I need her.
I know it is natural and I am not ashamed of feeling this way. I just wish I were able to think what I wrote more than 5 seconds a day.

She is just someone who has not disregarded her blessings and has treated them with respect. She is someone who has set a real example of love, tolerance, humor, devotion. No the usual christian crap they serve us in general conference. I don’t mean to be disrespecful but she is someone about who words are just meaningless.
Her example will last long after her death no matter when it happens (next month or next decade) just because she changes lives. She does not want to and this is probably part of the secret.
Yep, her goal was set beyond just “changing life”. Her goal was just to leave this place a little better than she has found it. Obviously some people disagree with this and make it impossible for people like her to do it. But at least she has tried her best and this energy is going to last long after her.

2 thoughts on “Come what may

  1. What a beautiful legacy she has created. She truly sounds like a wonderful person. I hope you will be able to decide upon a way to serve her in whatever time she has left.

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