It is a tumor

She has a brain tumor and I am affraid she is going to die.
Why being affraid?
Just because this is going to be too hard for her to leave children and grand children for she is more than just a mother and a grand-mother and I just wish I could make it easier for her.
I don’t care about me although I would miss her too but I know this is going to be too hard for some and it is going to make it harder for her.
Now that we know this is the worse we could expect the only hope is that it is going to be cured.

I have received from her the best things I could and I can’t and don’t want to ask for more. I have never been able to do something back for her and it could be like the last moments I have and I am still powerless.

This is what makes me really sad. this is why I am really crying.
I know she does not want anything back, she just wants me to be happy with a family and a great life. I know this is what would really make her happy and I just cannot offer her this vision yet.
there is nothing I can do. No, this is not right. There are plenty of things I could do and I just don’t know what.

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