This is the woman who has been the closest mother figure in my life for the past 13 years.
She is in the hospital and usually I don’t worry too much but this time I do. Doctors don’t know what is wrong with her. I would not worry if they knew but they don’t.
The only reason why I worry is not so much that I am affraid that she is going to die (we’ll all do) but she seems to worry. She has probably a lot of things that she needs to take care of before she leaves and I am affraid this is why she is not doing ok.
One of the thing is that her ex daughter in law is pretty much keeping her grand children from her by telling them lies about her and they don’t want to see her.
This woman is one example in everybody’s life. Whenpeople are angry at the church and leave it and blame it on the members they always eventually set her as the exception because she is exceptionnal. A mix between strong faith and secular knowledg the kind of woman the Relief Society is about. I wish I could do soemthing for her so she would not regret to have to go if she has to.
Hopefully she does not.

5 thoughts on “Danielle

  1. This is a wonderful post – and a beautiful sentiment. I hope she is comforted in her difficulties (of all kinds), and I hope you find a way to do something. Prayer is important, but I hope you can find something else, as well.

  2. I’m sorry to hear this. I pray she will be well, and if not, I pray she might have peace.
    i too, hope you will be able to find some way to offer her comfort or service that will be helpful to her. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. Here’s a million dollar question – If you were to die right now, would you qualify for the celestial kingdom? If you’re like most Mormons, you’re not sure. You try hard to be as good as possible, but you still don’t know if you’ve done enough. If the Book of Mormon is really scripture, this hope will always elude you. Alma 11:37 says God cannot save you in your sins. Are all of your sins forgiven? Moroni 10:32 says you must be perfected in Christ, which can only be done by denying yourself of “all ungodliness”. Have you done that? Do you repent on a regular basis? Is so, then it is clear that you sin on a regular basis, since only those who break the commandments need to repent. 1 Nephi 3:7 states that you are able to keep His commandments. In fact according to D&C 25:15, you are required to keep them continually! Since you haven’t done this so far, why assume you will in the future? Of course, we should all try to be holy; but if you think that sinning less will qualify you to live in God’s presence, you are mistaken (Gal 3:1-11). The assumption that good works are required for forgiveness only cheapens Christ’s atonement, making it nothing more than a partial payment. God chooses to justify us by faith. Jesus alone does the “perfecting” (Heb 10:14). God gives peace to those who trust in Him alone. If you don’t have this peace, it’s probably because at least a part of you trusts in yourself. Questions? Visit us at http://www.gotforgiveness.com

  4. Thank you Ty, I am sure you meant that you’re going to pray for her as well although we’re not of the same faith.

  5. backandthen,

    I must apologize for my recent action by posting on your blog. In my “zeal” to post my message. I really didn’t check out the content of your blog entry. This was extremely insensitive of me. I don’t want to misrepresent other Christians and I sure don’t want to misrepresent the Gospel. Again, I am so sorry. I hope that you will forgive me and I will for certain be praying for your friend. God bless you…


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