It’s over

I had one hard week end.
One of those who make you feel like you don’t want to be on a week end.
Let’s start with just saturday.
I was supposed to go to the stake center in Lyon for a meeting concerning my calling. I wanted to go there as much as I wanted to hang myself. So I tried really hard to change my mind and my spirit about it. It was important to go there with the right attitude. I want to learn what I have not learn the first time.
I got to the train station that was supposed to take me somewhere where the bishop and his wife (the primary president) would pick us (me and another sister) up to go to Lyon.

First the train got delayed 20 minutes. this is bad but it is ok. I just called the bishop.
then no train showed up.
Then we were told that the train was going to be about 1 hour late. this was way too late for the bishop so I left and tried to call the other sister or the bishop. I was not able to get hold of any and I called the other sister like 20 times or more (I stoped counting after 15, I was angry). When the bishop called me I told him what happened and he understood so he left.
Only after did I find out that the train was 25 minutes late (not an hour) because the other sister took it (just on train station before me). Of course I lost the price of this train ticket (as if I could not use this money for a better purpose). Of course she lied to me about the phone calls. I love when people lie. Most of the time people are too dumb to do it properly.

The rest of the week end was in the image of this story.

One thing is good.

I have not lost my purpose, my goal. I may have goten mad but never to the point of forgeting why I was angry.
You know what I mean, don’t you? I am talking about when you get angry and then anything will just add to your anger to the point that you almost enjoy being mad because then you have a good excuse for being awefull to anyone.
So it has been a hard week end. Really hard. But I am glad it is over and I have not done anything or felt anything I regret now.

One good surprise tonight. I checked out our food storage and we almost have enough pasta, rice etc…for the three months goal we have set. We need 18kg and we have 17.5!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS
there are many more things we need to buy but at least we are doing good. Really good.
We also have 21 dry soups out of our goal of 30!!!
We need to buy more cans for vegetables and fruits because we have close to none but we’re getting there.

I have also check out at our local store and I have found for a fairly ok price some lights that are both solar and dynamo powered. How cool is this?

2 thoughts on “It’s over

  1. Well, I’m glad for you as well that the difficult weekend is over. I’m glad you have nothing to repent of (as far as this goes)! :o)

    Way to go on your food storage!! That’s awesome. I need to get busy in that area.

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