I wish we had it

Ok, why don’t we have thanksgiving in europe? Why don’t we have any celebration like this one?

This is the best celebration on Earth.
Christmas? Nice but I bet Jesus would love us to celebrate all his “non-birthday” instead.
Easter? Ohhh you mean the time when we get all those chocolate as children?
My birthday? Well I love it but it is no purpose for national celebration…yet.

I love the concept of thanksgiving. You have to force yourself to a little humility to partake of the spirit of this celebration and I love it.

As a child we almost did not hold any family home evening and then when my mother got re-married family home evening became the kind of memory I blocked out.

So I remember only one family home evening that did not take place in our home. My mother and I had gone to her best friends’ home and the mother gave this lesson abuot gratitude. I don’t remember how it went but I have been able to understand the importance of it because of this lesson. One thing I remember also that is the image I keep of the notion of gratitude is a yellow sun.
she had made this sun with horizontal lines under it. I don’t remember how it went exactly but I think the sunbeams of the sun and what was intended to be written on the lines were linked.
So this is the image I have of gratitude. A big yellow sun that keeps you warm and keeps your day bright.

2 thoughts on “I wish we had it

  1. Well, Happy Thanksgiving anyway!? I love the image too.

    It’s probably not much consolation, but I’ll eat a TON of turkey and pie for you! ;P

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