On a quest for Lebanon

I realized yesterday that part of the reason why I love traveling so much is because I am looking for Lebanon.

My mother is full blooded french but she did not know France before she was 19. Then I was born 2 weeks before she turned 21. So I grew up with her memories and I always had this image of Lebanon being like El Dorado which was my way to escape and to dream when I was a child.

Then my mother’s little sister came from Lebanon and I remember this time as a shining periode with the discovery of new tastes. It feels in my childhood as a golden time. My mother was my aunt’s favorite sister and she shift her affection on me. Beside we were only 14 years appart and I was the only grand child so it made it easier to love me and to center all the attention on me. Oh yes, I forgot to say that my grand mother became more a part of my life during this time.
I would here about Lebanon again and again. My mother cried when they talked about it on the news when seeing all the places she hanged out with friends being totally destroyed.
They would tell me how kind and caring Lebanese are and they would tell me about their life there.

So I just realized that this is what I am looking for when I travel: Lebanon. A place where I will feel loved and where the sun always shine.
Laugh at me if you want but I think this is why I love the States or what I know of the States.
I served my mission in Az (talking about sun….) and as missionnaries even if americans are not middle East people (not really hu?) I still felt more loved than I did in France just because americans are more friendly than french.
There was also the space and the fact that the culture was different and the language. All this gave me a freedom of thought that I did not have before.

I really need to go to Lebanon someday.


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