What is this mess?

I just cannot believe all this prop 8 fuss.
When I came back from NH my little sister told me that the proposition had passed because she heard it on TV. It seems that they only briefly talked about it making it sound like it was about homophobia because of course if you just say ” a proposition preventing gay to get married has passed” there is no way people are going to understand what this is really about.
But I don’t really hear about it, people don’t care and I think that the news was only bierfly reported because if people in Europe knew what this is really about they would have supported californians in favor of prop 8.
Don’t missunderstand me. We are not crazy about the marriage value or things that the church holds for important. It is the freedom issue that would have gotten europeans in favor of prop. Come on! even Elton john, when hearing about it could not be “in favor” of prop 8 but could not be against it. and do you want to know why?
Just because this is like throwing a tantrum.
GAYS IN EUROPE are not in favor of gay marriage. Some say that if they are gay it is not to find themself in the same situation they would have been in had they been straight. Others say that marriage is between a man and a woman and making it another way would just be ridiculous. And all of them are far from being biggots no matter how much some californians would like them to be (a gay biggot? How’s that?).
Some want a gay marriage in France but then when asked about this: whether they want the right or the word, believe me, they all want the right and don’t care about the word.
Some people need to get a life, seriously. They are making a fool of themself and I am sure it is not what they intended at first.
Now the funny thing is that they will never back a little to prove us wrong. They will never say “well, you said that you only want to protect the notion of marriage and you are on our side if it is about rights. So here we are to ask for the same rights in a civil-union without touching the notion of marriage. Will you be on our side?” They will never do that because then they will see us puting all our will and means in this fight on their side and then they will sound really stupid.
I dare them to do such a thing!

2 thoughts on “What is this mess?

  1. I wish they would/could try more to understand where we’re coming from on this issue. It really isn’t about bigotry. It’s a word that means a lot to us, for them it’s about rights–I’d be happy to see them receive all the rights they are striving for. What’s wrong with having a civil union that provides those rights?

  2. It seems that they say it would be a second grade union. Hey! you make it a higher grade or a lower grade union. Nobody else does. I guess they are a lot more intolerant than we are. In France everybody uses the words “wife” and “husband” without having been close to even imagine getting married and it is totally acceptable for everybody. It is not because my neighbors are not marriied that I would dare telling them that they are not really husband and wife. As long as they are not hurting me and as long as they are not preventing me from living the way I want as long as it is not going to hurt my belief I can’t care less about how they want to define each other. And to me it is not a second grade union even if it is not an official one because THEY make it a worthy relationship. And here is the thing: they enjoy all the rights married couple have. Just that they are not legally married.
    I am not having this point of view about prop8 because I am an american mormon. I am seeing things this way because I am a french woman with mainly non members friends with who I live peacefully.

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