I need help about RS

I just hate it.

When I was rebaptized I decided to make a special effort about this one if I was not prevented from attending because of a calling or sickness. This was a way for me to show our Heavenly Father that I was ready to commit myself even if I thought it was stupid or pointless. I have done it until I got rebaptized since I got a clling rights away. LOL

What I mean is that I will hold on to this until I die because this is important to me. but I don’t see how my mind could change about this meeting. For me RS is just a women club and I don’t need it and therefore don’t feel like going. I very often hear things that want to make me scream coming from women who have had children. But since I have not had children I will not say anything…you know…

Today I expressed my point of view about RS to two sisters (not what I just wrote, a more diplomatic point of view of course).

I explained that “uplifting” is not possible in this way that if I were to bring what I look for in RS then I would make RS hard to follow for most women in our ward. They would not get the emotionnal uplift and strength they are getting from the “simple way” we have to do the lessons. So turning the RS into something that would suit me better by bringing what I am looking for is to me selfish.

I find what I am looking for already through my friendships, reading, internet. I don’t need to have another space and these sisters need this space because it is the only one they have. I had the hardest time making them understand it.

Me coming to RS does not mean that I am enjoying it. It means that I want to show that I am a part of the community and that they can count on me if needed. But I don’t feel comfortable with coming with what I know and finding myself taking the lesson over because I start explaining this or that and then time is over for the lesson. Then RS will become Gwennaëlle Society and I would just hate it (but for the 45 minutes of fame each week) it would just be insane as in “not clean”.

I had the hardest time making them understand that.

What do YOU think?

2 thoughts on “I need help about RS

  1. I commend you for making this promise, and offering your will up to our Faher. That is the hardest thing to do I think.
    I think that the most important meeting for you to attend is sacrament. Everything else is like icing on the cake.
    I think, maybe the Lord knew what he was doing in giving you the nursery calling–for two reasons. One, because, by the time you’re done dealing with the munchkins in a year or so, you just might be crazy enough to enjoy RS. ☺ And two, because He knows you were/are uncomfortable in RS right now, and He loves you, and wants you to be happy.

  2. Thank you but I don’t think I was called to the nursery because I don’t like RS. I have never loved it.
    My issue is more about “should I open my mouth or not?”

    Yesterday will be a day I’ll remember concerning my little nursery “terrorist”. He eventually admited that he totally fakes crying ON PURPOSE. I told him that when he does that it makes me sad. Hope he will change because we can barely do anything while he cries.

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