I forgot to tell

That I also bought a carving set and a candle and a thing to keep your can cool with the logo of the patriots.

Yes, some of these things cannot be found in France, others are waaaaaaaaaaaay more expensive and a few were just funny little things that I bought for the students in my school that attend my little “american club”.

The crock pot in France would be AT least 130$ and would be only the huge kind. I got a small one just for me and my sister and it was like 11$. The converse would be 115$ and I got them for my best friend. I got the peanut butter and the fluff (yes the marshmallow thing) for the elders.

We don’t have Dr Pepper in France so let me tell you that I intended to bring as much as I could!

All right, let me start. When I saw his place I got as a slap in my face “this home (and house) is falling appart for the lack of a mother”. It was not the fact that it was dirty and literally falling appart that hit me but the fact that it was really like this place did not have beams any more and you know what? I think that a wife and a mother is the beams of a home.

Anyway I slept the first night in his son’s room. On the morning his ex wife thought her son would be there and found me instead. It was really strange for the both of us since I was the only one awake.

Anyway the following day she was at church and she was really extra nice. I mean it was weird. Looking back I understand that she knew I could possibly become someone important and she made the smart choice: be nice!

We met again latter for halloween and we talked briefly through half sentences that we both understood because honestly I have been where she is. I think she would be a fun girl friend and I think she would have been ok with me being her children’s step mom. It was really aweful how her mere presence made him angry. I mean he may not like her but she is still his chldren’s mother and being this way when she is around is not healthy. I would have loved to tell him about it but since “mommy” is probably making him feel like his right I guess my opinion does not count.

Now the “mommy” subject.

She has been nice when we went to pizza hut together and that’s it. Beside this she called my president “sleazy”. I almost punched her. She did not even pretend to care for the gift I had brought her. She almost cut my hand off for touching her ipod (I did not know it was hers and I only touched it). She is always taking her big baby’s defense even when he is obviously not nice. She just decided I was a socialist slut since I came from France.Yes, honey….and all that your son is looking for is an inflated woman since between his daughter and you there is very little room for another female, so maybe one of those socialist is what you should pray will fall in love with your son.

I am so not getting in her way. There are more interesting fights awaiting for me.

Anyway I was able to do some really good work for my high school and I am so happy about it, I was able to talk to a lot of people with various points of view, some I shared some I did not. I took tones of pics and recorded some people for the kids in my school.

I have learned something about myself that makes me love myself a little more and I am more clear about what I expect from this life and what I need and what I onyl want and I am on the whole happy because it was a GOOD trip.

Next trip I want to go to either Boston or Quebec. Then I think that someday I want to go back to Arizona. I miss the heat and the desert and if I go to California I will stop in Nevada. But for now I am more planing on a trip to the East part of this continent.

1 thought on “I forgot to tell

  1. I just gotta’ say first, that I really like Ray’s comments on your last post. The second one really cracked me up. Rock on Ray!!
    Sounds like this guy has some major issues in regards to his ex-wife. I think it’s good you made this trip, and found out that a relationship would’t work out. Very smart. His mom sounds like one of those horrible mother in laws. Scary.
    I also love how you’ve learned a bit more about yourself, and what you require to make you happy. I think it’s great that you’re not one of those women who feel like they have to find a man. I like your attitude, that if he comes along–great, but if not, that’s ok too. Personally, I would kill for some time without all the little distractions I have in order to just do some of the things I want to do, and try to improve myself. SO enjoy it while it lasts. (because, like I’ve said before–it’s when you’re not looking, that you find what you’re kind of looking for!) ☺☺☺

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