The first thing I do when I come home

Is that I take a picture of what I brought just for you to laugh.

I swear you will laugh but then I will give you an explaination for everything I bought. Can’t wait to be home agin and to have the feeling that I could do something with my life even if it is not much.

About my previous post, the thing is that you’re lucky to have your country presidency only for four years, this way you can quickly change it if it does not work. This is why I think that you’ll eventually come out of it.

I trust the US more than I trust my own country (and there is hope obviously even for France) to come out of it.

2 thoughts on “The first thing I do when I come home

  1. Yeah, the fact that the terms are only four years is a great comfort to me right now – no matter who wins.

  2. I can’t wait to see what you’ve bought.

    Yeah, it’s a good thing it’s only four years, and I guess we can always have ’em kicked out of office if we’re really unhappy. I just can’t wait til Tuesday is over. I”m tired of all the campaigning.

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