10 years after

I am sorry for my american friends who are reading my blog because what I have to say is pretty sad.

I think that I know why these vacations are not close to be the celebration I expected and I must say that it comes from the US.

I was eating in a chinese restaurant when it suddenly hit me.


There is a heavy atmosphere that has been almost oppressive since I have arrived and it is not just here in NH it was right when I arrived in Boston.

It feels like people have lost it, this thing that made me feel like this was the place where I wanted to spend my life, this thing that made me feel like anything was possible and anything could be accomplished. I am sure it is not lost forever and that this is due to the time we live in but I don’t believe the financial crisis is the only one to blame. I think that thoses Bush years have also dragged americans out too. The crisis is just nailing it down (whatever “IT” may be).

It is crazy, I never thought I would or even could say this someday but I really have the feeling that the place I should be if I want to have something done with my life is actually my country, France.

It is far from being perfect and everything is to be rebuild along with hiting idiots on the head to make them shut up. But there is something to do. I believe (and I hope that I am right and that we won’t go back to it) that we are getting out of all the socialist crap for something wiser (and probably tougher too). They call my generation a sacrified generation. Hey, if this sacrifice is to see happen what I think will happen please burn me alive!

I have no problem if my life should be on the american continent, I love you. I love this continent and the US more specifically. But guys you are in an awfull state and my country may be the place for me after all…










As long as I can come back often here, because I really love you.

2 thoughts on “10 years after

  1. I really think our wonderful country is headed more and more down hill all the time. It’s sad to say, but it’s also alluded to in the Book of Mormon. I think we’re following the same path the Nephites followed. It’s that same circle–history repeating itself.

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