3 days left

I have packed a few shirts

I have bought two pair of pants in adition to the ones I am already bringing.

I have packed all the goodies.

And I was about to make a joke about the law of chastity but taking where I come from it may not be funny after all.

I need to iron a few more shirts, jeans, pack some underwear.

NOT forget my passport and train ticket (it would kind of spoil my fun). Got my mecicin and prescription. Will keep my quad with me probably since it is so heavy. I am so glad we don’t have all that was oon he golden plates!
It could be worse. We could have to carry around the actual golden plates (or a copy of it). Now this would make sundays, seminar, institute so much more fun.

Does anyone see anything I could be forgetting?

Just for your info. I can take 23 kg with me and the goodies suitcase is 12 kg!!!! Good thing that my personal stuff bag is not even half this weight.

4 thoughts on “3 days left

  1. Would your joke have had anything to do with a chastity belt?–That’s what it looks like is keeping all that candy secure! LOL
    OK, got all the usual toiletries?–toothbrush, toothpaste, make-up (if you wear it)–of course, some of that stuff is all last minute items.
    Camera? shoes & socks? hairbrush? perfume?

    Funny about the golden plates. Yeah, I guess we could have it a lot tougher.

  2. “Would your joke have had anything to do with a chastity belt?”
    close enough but I was not thinking about this.
    After all I might not even need one.

    The thing that worries me is that he is not talking about me sleeping at his parents.
    You’re right when you said that “you can’t rape the willing”. I am not really affraid of what could happen because nothing will happen. What I am affraid of is to be distracted and therefore not to ask myself the right questions.

  3. I hope everything goes even better than you can imagine. There probably will be a few awkward moments, but I hope you enjoy the trip. You deserve goodness.

    I have to interject a simple, “Be careful.” I pray you have a wonderful experience, but my realistic, fatherly instinct simply says to keep your eyes open and your spirit in tune. No compromises on ANYTHING important.

  4. YES! This is what scares me the most, to lose focuse on what is important. When I prayed this morning my mind became clear about my attiude and the state of mind I need ot be in: I need to focuse on the goal and not on the person. Which is the opposite of what I believe to be right (remember my post about “not what but who”?). Just for these ten days I need to remember that my “natural me” being the one who got me in trouble the first time, since I think he is a really good “who”, I need now to be the opposite of the “natural me” and focuse on “what”.
    And thank you for the “awkward moments” I fear them and you mentionning it makes me understand that I should really expect it and it is ok if there are some.

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