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All right, what did I do today?

I woke up just after my sister left for university. I love the fact that LaBlonde is a student. it just makes me so…I don’t know. Anyway, I surfed on the net. Took a shower. Put my nice black coat in a bag and took it to the cleaner.
Needing to exercice a little and wanting to enjoy one of our last day of beatiful weather I decided to walk the five miles to get there. The man there was just adorable. I paid it today instead of when I pick up my coat and even if the price was not high enough to accept my credi card he just let me use it. What a sweet man. I have hesitated between buying a new coat and cleaning and fixing the old one. I have made the good choice because I really love this coat AND the cleaning was really much less than I expected.

When I came back home The first thing I thought was….How did my computer survived without me? Is the internet still a part of the world? Instead of dying in a plane I think that if I ever go missing just search all the place where you’ll find a computer to have a chance to find my body. I think I will die in front of a computer. So much for the exciting “blown in the air” death.

I have eventually found another blog that I think would be cool to follow and I have been thinking about doing a little give away myself. I don’t know if I will but I am thinking that I could.
When I sent the little stuff to Mikki I found out that it was not “that” expensive to send things to the US. So I could do it once in a while. The thing is that I need to make my blog more interesting for people to feel like reading it. The thing is that I have pretty much NOTHING to say. I mean I work in a school part time and I have few friends (mainly because I think that friendship is too precious to just give it away like candy bars).

I want to tell something about the goals I am working on such as this thing with my mother but I am still in the process of and I have not been working on forgiveness for long enough to really write a post about it. I could tell you about a tiny thing that I have noticed but it would hold just a line and it would not mean much to you, only to me.

But the thing that I realized when reading other blogs is how much I need mine to connect with others.

Blogging gives us an opportunity to open a window on our life for eveybody to visit. It is a nice way to invite people in our life without having them becoming too intrusive. And I need it. I don’t really like people in this way that I am often quickly annoyed by them. But I like humanity.
It is like this children thing.
I don’t realy hate children. It is just that I am annoyed by how people see/treat them. They are always this precious and cute stupid little beings.
All right.
To me children are not cute.
Their cells are just more fresh than ours.
They are not precious.
Their souls are.
They are anything but stupid.
They don’t acquire a brain over years. They are born with it.
This is why I don’t feel comfortable with this whole thing about children. I don’t really have a problem with children, I have a problem with how adults see children.

I have thought about a few cool things Guillaume could do for the nursery before leaving. I have “big” kids (as big as they can be in the nursery) and I think I could do soemthing about the mission with him. nothing too deep. Let’s not talk about the atonement and what it means. But we can talk about love and giving and sharing and things like that.

1 thought on “Blog and stuff

  1. Oh, I don’t know….I think you have a lot to say. I think your blog is certainly of great value. I enjoy reading all your posts. I think building up a readership is kind of like building up relationships-lots of give and take. I certainly don’t have a wide audience myself, but I really do enjoy the people who come by and comment on my blog. I enjoy visiting their blogs, and seeing what’s up in their lives, and leaving comments of encouragement or whatever. Like you say, it’s a little window into their world, but not too intrusive. I think it’s a really nice way to meet people, and make friends. And you don’t really have to open your whole life up to them if you don’t want to. Not even sure if I’m making any sense at this point-sorry. I need a little more sleep today I think.

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