I was paying my tithing

Just after sacrament meeting I ran to get the very last envelop to pay my tithing.
No don’t worry, members in France are not more faithfull than americans it is just that they ran low on envelops.
Anyway, I had given the opening prayer in sacrament meeting and I had forgotten that there was a couple who did not know that I was “back”. Brother B came to see me as I was paying my tithing and he could se I was doing it. I could tell he was really happy. It made me happy. I tried not to show it too much. I love how some people have told me that I have made the right decision. The people who have said these explicit words have been people who have shown me unfailing love all these years. I could tell that they mean something deep when saying this.

Brother B had another good news this week since Guillaume is going on his mission and he has known him since he was born. He has carried him in his arms when Guillaume was a baby. I know brother B had a really good week and I am glad I have been part of it.

I have been extremly surprised by the primary yesterday. I am starting to wonder if I have indeed some talent for authority like my mother. I need to have some really hard children to know if I am as gifted as my mom.
When I was a child there was this family who had a set of twins. The little boy was the stake nightmare and this is little compared to how all the primary presidents felt when they knew this family was visiting (the father often held calling in the stake). Not only did my mother NOT fear him but HE feared my mother. He had something about doing anything that was forbiden. In the end, a few years ago, he saw a no swimming sign so he jumped in the water. His body was found later on the shore.
Had my mother been there I can tell you that he would not have jumped although he was about 25.
This is one thing I can give my mother credit for: her way to get children do what she says.
I have also had the pleasure to have not only the little boy in nursery behave really good (he cried only 5 seconds and then was an angel) but one of the little girl started talking to me. It was good.

3 thoughts on “I was paying my tithing

  1. It gave me such a happy feeling to read your post. I’m happy for your Brother B.–sounds like he is thrilled for you.
    So, you have the magical touch with the kiddies huh’? My hubby has that too. He is the only one my niece would mind when we used to babysit her. I guess he just knows how to express his authority. That’s a good thing!

  2. I honestly think that I do. This is something I am both happy and surprised about. I mean I may sound like I am braging about and I am not saying that I am the solution for any primary (I still wonder how my mother did with this little boy) but I think I am pretty good.
    About brother B; it is just that he is such a sweet man. He looked really happy and I felt good that he was happy because of Guillaume and me.

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