I am sorry

The young woman I talked about in previous posts worries me.

She is the one who opened up to me about her wish to get married.

She looks tired and like she is not even aware she is tired. She looks like she is about to drop dead from exhaustion but does not even realizes it.
All right let me explain to you because if I tell you that she is a working student with callings you’ll just think that you’ve done it and it is no big deal.

In France university years are not like american university years that enables you to work part time and study the rest of the time. you have to pretty much chose if you want to work or go to class.

You can try to do both but it takes a lot of strength and all to do it.
So she is a working student IN FRANCE with callings and she is chinese. Oh and of course she is preparing a master degree or else the picture would not be complete.

I see myself a few years ago. I did not have a job but the situation my family was in made the situation worse to some extends. I don’t love her. I don’t even really like her. I don’t really care about her…ok this last one is not true. I worry for her. she is far from being my best friend but she is going to collapse. I know she is going to. She is supposed to do an internship in a foreign country and she wants to go to Utah. I know it will be good for her because it will strengthen her. But until then she has to keep on leading the life she has so far and I am affraid she is not going to make it any longer.

I have invited her over to do her laundry once already. I have invited her again so she can save money and be in an environment that will enbale her to do something peacefully while her clothes are being washed I hope she will answer to the second invitation.

I really don’t want her to feel how I have felt. She may be stronger than me in this way that her emotionnal foundations are stronger but still, this is so hard. I really hope she will answer.

3 thoughts on “I am sorry

  1. It’s good of you to offer her your laundry facilities, esp. since you don’t really like her….your heart is in a good place. I hope she will accept your offer. I’ll add her to my prayers.

  2. I don’t hate her either. It is just that she has a way to irritate me. Actually it is not that she irritates me at all. She really does not, she just stresses me each time I here her speaking. All right, maybe she irrotates me a little when she cries watching an LDS COMEDY (for heaven sake!)

  3. Hey, I loved that last commet on my blog. Cracked me up.
    Tell your sister I’m really only mean to my two oldest kids. The little guys, well I like to build up their trust before I crush all their hopes and dreams. LOL
    (please tell her I’m only kidding too-although I have been known to be crabby frequently)

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