high expectations

Reading this at work (yes I should be working but …) just re-inforced what I think is one of the thing that drove my mother to convert to the church. and no I am not saying to “the gospel” because I think that she never did.

Yes, I think there is a presure put on some people’s shoulders when they become members that (if they survive) they pass on to the next generation and so on until one either breaks off from the church or put an end to his/her life. I have seen it. I have experienced it. It is spiritually unhealthy and I can’t startexpressing my gratitude for a God who saw it and made it possible for me to come back to the church having been converted to the gospel.

Yes, quite oxymorously to have had a testimony of important things BEFORE having been converted to the gospel.

It is probably because my testimonies only testified of the truth of some things. Being converted to the gospel is about experiencing the atonement and understanding its place in our life. My mother left the church because she was smart, mentally sick, had testimonies but was never converted to the gospel and therefore let room for missinterpretation to say the least. She put so much presure in my life she taught me so many things that were not just wrong and let so many things that were opposite to the truth being taught to me.

If I should have a child someday I will make sure to teach her/him to recognize the influence of the spirit. This is the very first thing and the most important thing to learn.

Then I will teach God’s love along with His expectations. Not just one of the two as it happens in most families.

I don’t even want any of my children to feel guilt to the point of self destruction as I have. I want them to be strong, not hard as I am.

I want to teach them as early as possible to gain a testimony on their own and teach them how to keep it alive.

I want them to understand the plan of Salvation and not just to know it.

I don’t want them to ever be countered in these satistics.

In order to secure these whishes I will tell them that I will disown them if they ever move to Utah. I think it is a good start.

2 thoughts on “high expectations

  1. Great post. I love that you have already pinpointed some very important principles to teach your children. Great list of topics. Perhaps I should base my family home evening lessons for the next month or two off of these most excellent topics.
    Love your last line. Made me laugh.

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